Why I made how do you thank a hero

Right now, across every border and in every area that is affected by this devastating virus, there is a widespread feeling of awe at the people risking their lives every day to save others and a profoundly deep appreciation. I wanted to give all of us  a platform so that our  voices can be heard by these modern day heroes. ​I wanted to find a way to show them, with both words and actions, how grateful the world is, while creating the opportunity to those who are thankful to share their message in the safety of their homes.


All of the money raised will benefit our heroes. We have partnered with the Sotiria hospital for our Greek chapter on where those funds are best suited. Whatever we do it will be entirely transparent. 


We are hoping to blow away healthcare professionals with the money raised and the messages of gratitude shared. Once we defeat this enemy we won't disappear. We'll be there the next time challenge knocks at our door. 


We are proudly partnered with COVID19 SHOP, an online store that has everything you and your body need to go back out into the real world and stay safe. All proceeds go to How Do You Thank A Hero. From medical grade masks and antiseptics to oximeters we've got you covered for 'round the clock safety. 

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